Knowing how to use social media efficiently is now a highly desirable corporate skill. Navigating social media safely is for most not an innate skill, but rest assured, it can be learned through our dedicated social media training program.

We offer a range of options for getting you and your team ready to embrace social media. We offer all our programs as tailor-made solutions customised to your company’s needs.

Intensive Social Media Bootcamp

Our intensive social media bootcamp iwill help your organisation to efficiently train your employees to handle your social media presences. It covers everything from the basics of setting up professional accounts, producing engaging content and setting up efficient community management guidelines. It also includes hands-on training with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and content discovery and production tips and tricks.

The Social Media Bootcamp will give you actionable advice on:

  • identifying your company's digital identity
  • devloping a social media strategy specifically targeted at your audience
  • mastering the different social media platforms
  • discovering content to share with your community
  • handling your community and becoming a part of it
  • delegating and automating common social media tasks
  • monitoring and reviewing your strategy

Our intensive social media bootcamp is tailor-made to your company and situation and aimed at social media beginners as well as intermediary users. Prepare at one to two entire days to get the full potential out of this program!

Social Media Executive program

Our social media executive program will give your executive team the basic skills to understand the business implications of social media, define clear business and digital communication goals and create an online strategy specifically tailored ot your business.

With our executive program you will develop your social media strategy and understand the business implications of social media as well as get hands-on training for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other networks of your choice.

The social media executive program is aimed at your company's management and marketing division, tailored to the needs of intermediary and experienced marketers and brand develpers. We recommend at least half a day to cover this essential workshop.

Social Media Seminars

Clement & Weyer also runs a series of social media seminars on varying topics. These public seminars are usually held at different venues in Luxembourg City in cooperation with multiple partners.

Upcoming seminars will be announced via social media channels and our newsletter.

Showcase client

Client: Fédération des Artisants
Project: Planning and delivering of a social media workshop tailored to the special needs of the trade as well as writing and publication of a monthly 12-episode handbook on how to get started at social media.