Social Media
7-Day E-Mail Course

60% of Luxembourgish residents are using social media regularly. Do you know how to reach them?

Learn exactly how you can provide your business with the necessary strategies and tools to attract more leads, more customers and more revenue online. Leverage digital communication, optimize your website and capitalize on the digital transformation through our easily-executable masterclass e-mail course, including our free templates, guides, swipefiles, reports and more.

What you will learn in this e-mail course

  • Why you need a social media strategy and how to define it for your business.
  • How to find the social media platforms suited for your audience and publish engaging content.
  • How to build a community of followers and turn them into customers and brand ambassadors.
  • How to monitor you progress and that of your competition.
  • Why social media will impact all your communication strategies and your business as a whole.

Who should signup for this e-mail course

SMB Owners & Entrepreneurs

You will learn to create your company's digital identity and plan the digital communication strategy tailored to your target audience.

Bootstrapper & Startups

You will learn how to execute a social media and content marketing strategy aimed at creating your customer base and keeping them engaged.

Marketers & Communicators

You will learn how to structure your digital strategies, monitor your efforts as well as get free acces to valuable online marketing tools.

Freelancer & Bloggers

You will learn how to promote yourself, your services and your work via social media and build a personal brand you can turn into a profit.

Get the resources you need to start with social media

Just a few basic resources can get you started with social media. By signing up for our masterclass newsletter, you will get the tools you need to plan your strategy, execute your first steps on social media and monitor the results of your first efforts.

Through our 7-day e-mail workshop, you will get:

  • 5-Step Social Media Strategy Framework
  • Step-by-step persona worksheet
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn templates
  • Content calendar with ideas to post
  • Guide on how to handle social media crises
  • Social media report for your account
  • Access to the Social Media for SMBs LinkedIn Group

7 lessons to get you started immediately

In 7 easily-executable lessons you will learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter & Co. to boost your sales and brand awareness online. Our e-mail course is based on tested best practices, written by experts and aimed at business owners who don't want to leave digital communication up to chance.

In 7 days, you'll receive 7 lessons with free reports, templates, guides, and tools you can put to use immediately.

Day 1
Why you should use social media as an SMB

No success without strategy: the first step in your social media strategy will be to assess your current presence online and set short, middle, and long-term business and communication goals tailored to your enterprise.

You will get our free 5-Step Social Media Strategy Framework as a roadmap to your success.

Day 2
How to find the right network for your business

You probably should be on Facebook - but will you miss out by not being on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram? We will guide you through the process of chosing the platforms where you can efficiently market your brand and products.

You will get our free step-by-step persona worksheet to define your audience and find your networks.

Day 3
How you will create the perfect company profile

Your social media profiles are public mirrors of your company. You will learn how to create professional representations of your business on your social media accounts that will make your customers want to follow you.

You will get our free Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn templates to easily create professional profile and header pictures.

Day 4
How to publish engaging content that doesn't bore your followers

Despite paid advertisting: posting great content is still the best way to reach your customers online. We will cover how to publish regular, consistent content tailored to an audience willing to engage with your business.

You will get access to our regularly updated social media content calendar for your inspiration.

Day 5
How to nurture your fans and become part of your community

Building a community means having direct contact with your followers. We will prepare you to navigate the most common community management pitfalls and show you how to turn engagement into sales.

You will get our free guide how to handle social media crises to prepare you for any situation.

Day 6
How to monitor your competition and stay ahead on social media

You need to constantly adapt to stay ahead of your competitors online. We will show you how to track the results of your strategy and how to compare your business to your competitors on social media.

You will get a free social media report for your account to showcase the value of online reportig.

Day 7
Why using social media will change your company

Your social media accounts will not be isolate channels, but connected to all your communication efforts. We will cover how to organize your team and think outside the box on your marketing campaigns.

You will get access to our Social Media for SMBs LinkedIn Group where you can continue to ask all your questions.

Written by experts, aimed at beginners

Over the last few years, individually and as a team, Sven Clement and Jerry Weyer have gained first-hand experience in managing online communication strategies with corporate, political and institutional partners. Sven and Jerry want to share their experience, so you can avoid the pitfalls of social media!

Sven Clement

Digital Strategy Expert

Connect with Sven:

Sven Clement is a founding and managing partner of Clement & Weyer Consulting. He focuses on digital strategy and practices what he preaches in his daily life. When not working, Sven tries to improve himself wherever and whenever possible. He reads a lot and makes his knowledge available to his clients.

Sven has given many of keynotes and facilitates a large number of workshops personally and sometimes is also allowed to get his hands dirty with code.

Follow him on twitter @svnee and read his blog posts for more insights from Sven Clement.

Jerry Weyer

Social Media Expert

Connect with Jerry:

Jerry Weyer is a founding and managing partner of Clement & Weyer Consulting. As a social media expert, Jerry can’t resist and has to create an account with every new network he encounters. He’s always online, trying to learn more about how to create value online – except when he’s out running.

Jerry likes to pass on his expertise by creating workshops and planning social media campaigns. Next to the bread and butter of creating social campaigns, he manages to code a few websites and help his clients improve their conversation rates online.

Follow Jerry Weyer on twitter @jerryweyer and read his blog posts for more information.


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