Our 5 step Strategy Framework is a standardized process for all our projects from start to finish. It guarantees a high quality standard for our clients and ensures transparency about what we do.

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Phase 1 – Assess

To assess the current state of your digital strategy or project you will need to discover the current communication strategy, the platforms you are already using and analyse your competition. You will than get a detailed assessment report showcasing the current state of your company's digital presence.

Phase 2 – Define

During an internal workshop you will define your business and communication objectives for the short-, middle- and long-term as well as your digital strategy. You will cover the question of social media guidelines and code of conducts. You wll plan a complete digital communication strategy based on your objectives and budget constraints.

Phase 3 – Plan

This phase is the most important phase of our strategy framework. You will define your target groups and use buyer personas as a gold standard for the definition of your audience. You will also get a content plan and strategies for curating content, content discovery and creation as well as recommendations for premium content that you should be sharing with your audience. Both steps influence the tonality in which you will address your audience in later steps.

For website projects this phase also includes the creation of the design and navigation structure. You will define the process through workshops and iterative design processes that put you in the drivers seat of the development process.

The deliverables include your content plan, a list of content sources, a content creation schedule and the definition of your content structure. For website projects you will also get the design of your new website.

Phase 4 – Analyse

During this phase you will get a clear definition of your key performance indicators and business metrics to watch after the finished project. You will get a definition of your monitoring processes. You will furthermore integrate the relevant metrics with your existing business intelligence dashboards.

Phase 5 – Setup

Finally you will get everything set up. This includes but is not limited to your WordPress installation, design and content integration, e-mail design, integration of call-to-actions, preparation of your premium content, set up of your social media profiles and internal organization to support the business goals.

At the end of this phase you will get the final outcomes of the project (website, social media profiles) and recommendations for the future.

Post Project

After a project is finished you need the continuous support to guarantee sustainable success. You will get access to our concierge services, regular reporting documents and quarterly reviews to guarantee that you are still on track to success.

Your new hires can be trained and during the quarterly reviews we can propose optimizations to your existing processes and infrastructure to serve your business goals even better.

A strategic approach to social media

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