1. An expert advisor

Instead of increasing your headcount, you get expert social media and digital strategy advice for less than the price of one full-time employee.

For businesses this outsourced approach may be more appealing, no fixed increase in wages, no leave or time off, cancel at any time, scale up or down depending on your needs. You pay what you get!

2. Direct access

You won’t have to deal with a call center in an offshore country, you will have direct phone, email and social media access to our team. We promise to answer the phone and answer your emails.

If you are based in the Greater Region we will be more than happy to meet whenever the need arises and else we’ll jump on Skype or conference calls to help you out.

3. We talk, type and meet

We don’t avoid the phone: if we need a quick response or if there is a problem we’ll call! If major decisions need to be taken we are more than happy to meet and discuss the project and its scope in detail as often as needed.

Phone calls and meetings will be followed by email for records, or we will email you and you can call later to clarify or discuss.

4. Education

You will have free access to a plethora of information designed to help your business grow online. From educational events, tools, blog posts, e-books and interviews, we share our knowledge with you.

When we come across new insights into the industry we share them with you. You will get priority access to every new tool and e-book we will release!

5. Proven methodology

You get a proven method that works for your whole digital strategy. Our 5-Step Strategy Framework has been refined over and over again and includes the input from industry leaders.

6. Giving back to society

You’ll be working with a company that is committed to be a good citizen. We try to give back to society wherever possible. We have done pro-bono work for some non-profits we are personally involved with and gave major discounts to other NGOs.

If you’re a non-profit or charity, please let us know when you’re contacting us and we’ll take that into consideration.

Contact Us

Clement & Weyer Consulting S.à.r.l.
28, rue de Capellen
8279 Holzem

Phone: +352 20 60 01 15
E-mail: hello@clement-weyer.lu