Founders and Partners

Over the last few years, individually and as a team, we have gained first-hand experience in managing online communication strategies with corporate, political and institutional partners. Working with a dedicated team is key when expanding your communication strategy – don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working together on your digital communication strategy!

Sven Clement - Digital Communication Consultant

Sven Clement

Co-founder & Partner

Connect with Sven:

Sven Clement is a founding and managing partner of Clement & Weyer Consulting. He focuses on digital strategy and practices what he preaches in his daily life. When not working, Sven tries to improve himself wherever and whenever possible. He reads a lot and makes his knowledge available to his clients.

Sven has given many keynotes and facilitates a large number of Clement & Weyer’s workshops personally. He keeps the business running at Clement & Weyer, but sometimes is also allowed to get his hands dirty with code.

Somehow Sven still finds the time to play competitive volleyball, go golfing here and there and lead the Pirate Party Luxembourg.

Follow him on twitter @svnee and read his blog posts for more insights from Sven Clement.

Jerry Weyer - Digital Communication Consultant

Jerry Weyer

Co-founder & Partner

Connect with Jerry:

Jerry Weyer is a founding and managing partner of Clement & Weyer Consulting. As a social media expert, Jerry can’t resist and has to create an account with every new network he encounters. He’s always online, trying to learn more about how to create value online – except when he’s out running.

Jerry likes to pass on his expertise by creating workshops and planning social media campaigns. Next to the bread and butter of creating social campaigns, he manages to code a few websites at Clement & Weyer Consulting and help his clients improve their conversation rates online. As a side project, Jerry is trying to launch products as a bootstrapped entrepreneur.

Follow Jerry Weyer on twitter @jerryweyer and read his blog posts for more information.

Extended team

We value quality, dedication and creativity in the choice of our partners and external contactors. Clement & Weyer works closely together with freelance and corporate designers, developers, copyrighters, community and project managers from Luxembourg, the Greater Region and Europe.

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