Clement & Weyer is a digital communications consulting firm specializing in social media marketing and digital strategy. We serve as an outsourced digital communications and marketing team. Together with our clients we help them to implement the Social Media Strategy Framework to get more leads, more customers and more revenue.

Clement & Weyer was started in June 2014 in Luxembourg by Sven Clement and Jerry Weyer.

Products and Services

Clement & Weyer offers a broad range of products in services in a narrow market segment. We cover information, education, consulting, implementation and partnerships around the topic of Digital Communications.

To help you reach your full potential we also offer consulting through private workshops on digital strategy, website blueprints and social media strategy and guidelines.

Finally we help you to implement your strategy with website design and development, and social media integration.

Our Focus

We aim to stay focused on doing one thing, very well. We believe we can be the number one at digital communications, we are economically driven by clients who are dedicated to be leaders in their niche and we are passionate about helping people to get the most from social media.

Our Value Statement

We are trusted advisors and give our best advice to help people who want to widen their knowledge. We are devoted to quick, specific und easily understandable communication in all our relationships. We develop new strategies, plan their execution and execute quickly while continually improving our process. Our main goal is to exceed customer expectations.

Clement & Weyer Consultin S.à r.l.

Company profile

Clement & Weyer Consulting S.à.r.l.
28, rue de Capellen
8279 Holzem

Phone: +352 20 60 01 15

Founded 15 June 2014
VAT Nr LU28225233
 RC B189469