Are you successful on social media? Not knowing is not an option anymore: your digital communication strategy can no longer be a guessing game! The Social Media Competition Monitoring ranks your company with your competitors and gives you the numbers you need to improve your online communication strategy now.

Know your competition

Know your strengths and weaknesses and those of your competition: we give you the facts you need to know to improve your social media strategy.

No setup necessary

You don't need to be an expert: we do the setup and research. You receive your report with reliable and digestible data in your inbox every month!

Adapted to your needs

Let us know which companies and statistics you want to follow and we will implement them in your report: a tailor-made monitoring solution.

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Showcase partner

Partner: Paperjam
Project: Weekly social media leaderboard for the Paperjam Top 100, Luxembourg's Members of Parliament and Members of Government, Luxembourg's banking and insurance industry and the largest employers in Luxembourg.