Basic community management set-up

You know your company philosophy and your audience best and are best suited to promote your core values. Integrating your social media community managers in your permanent staff is the first choice if you have the resources to cover the regular preparing, publishing and interaction with your online community.

We will train your social media managers to create engaging content, prepare a coherent content calendar and stay up-to-date on new trends and features. Our community managers will support your team to always stay on top of the competition and take full advantage of the power of social media.

Full-fledged community management

If you want to outsource your regular community management, be it short-time to cover for a high-intensity period, or full-time to be able to ensure high-quality social media updates, our community managers can take care of your regular updates.

Under the close supervision of the project managers they will create a content calendar, prepare posts for all your social media platforms, schedule the publications, interact with your community and nurture truly lasting relationships with your audience.

Social media crisis management

Managing an online "shitstorm" for the first time represents a challenge that can define the effectiveness of your social media team.

Our social media crysis management bootcamp will teach your social media team how to avoid critical situations and prepare them to respond accordingly to offensive, illegal and illicit content shared on your platforms. Together we will write a moderation policy aimed at giving clear guidelines to your community and helping your community managers to moderate user generated content.

If needed, we will set up a social media alert system aimed at detecting developing situations and act on them before they turn into fully-fledged "shitstorms".

Showcase client

Client: The Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg
Project: Ensuring continuous community management and regular content production for the social media accounts of the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg.